Appearance Repair Services

Colorado Springs Hail Damage Repair

Dings and dents can come from everything from runaway shopping carts to hail storms. Using the PDR method, we can repair your car, truck, van, or SUV in a timely, professional manner, getting it back in shape and back on the road as quickly as possible. 

Colorado Hail Statistics

Colorado's damaging hail season is considered to be from mid-April to mid-August. Colorado's Front Range is located in the heart of "Hail Alley," which receives the highest frequency of large hail in North America.  In the last 10 years, hailstorms have caused more than $3 billion in insured damage in Colorado.  

If you carry comprehensive coverage on your auto policy, hail damage is covered by almost all insurance companies. Comprehensive insurance is optional, but if you live in a hail prone area, the insurance industry recommends this coverage. 

Hail damage is considered an act of nature; therefore your rates shouldn’t go up as a result of your claim. However, the year after a large hail storm may see insurance companies raise comprehensive rates for everyone and homeowners insurance may increase due to roof replacement claims. 

Why BumperDoc?

Just a few things that make us your first choice: 

•All in One Auto Appearance Shop: Hail Repair, Collision Repair, PDR, Detailing, Window Tint, Clear Bra, Wheel Repair and more

•Serving Colorado Springs and Surrounding Counties since 2011.

•Complimentary quotes. Stop by any time we’ll be glad to review repair options with you.

•Insurance claims welcome. We just need your claim number and we handle the repair process and make it seamless for you.

•Competitive rates: BumperDoc will save you money and time.

•Fast, friendly, honest! BumperDoc Franchises has been a trusted service provider in the auto body repair industry since 1998.

•Walk-ins welcome. No need for appointments stop by and talk to one of our friendly and professional estimators.

•BumperDoc is a Green Business. We use waterborne environmentally friendly paint and we try to repair before we opt for a replacement.

•Lifetime warranty on all our work. 

If your car has hail damage, call BumperDoc today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

•By using specialized tools BumperDoc certified technicians remove dents by gently massaging the metal from its underside until it returns back to its original showroom form. Damages may also be repaired by bonding a ‘tab’ or other device to the exterior of the panel and pulling the dent from the outside. By using either one of these techniques, our technician is able to restore the panel’s appearance to pre-accidental condition without altering your vehicle’s original color or finish.

How much does it cost to repair hail damage?

•Hail damage pricing is based on how many dents and what size each panel of a vehicle has. So it varies from couple hundred dollars for a few dents on one panel to thousands of dollars for vehicles with a lot of damage.

Do you recommend using PDR or replacing panels?

•We recommend using the least obtrusive method possible to get your vehicle back to pre-damage state. We will always consider PDR first however if the panel has too much damage a replacement would be the best option.

I am not sure how much damage I have or if it is even worth filing an Insurance Claim. Can you help with this?

•Not a problem. Call BumperDoc at 264-6266 to set up an appointment for a quick, free ballpark estimate. We will look at your vehicle with you and go over how hail is quoted. 

How can you help with my hail insurance claim?

•Bring your estimate into BumperDoc and we will make the repair a seamless process.  We will take care of any Supplements for additional damage discovered and make sure your rental car is extended if needed. Supplements have no effect on your deductible and are an everyday part of working with insurance companies. If your insurance company states that either they or one of their “Approved” shops (read into this “shop under Insurance Company contract”) has to do the initial estimate that is ok. It is always your choice where to get your work done. It is actually an illegal practice called “steering” for an insurance company to say you have to use a certain shop. BumperDoc offers the same guaranties as body shops under contract with the insurance companies. The big difference is that we are beholden to YOU the Customer, not the Insurance Companies. 

Initial car insurance claims are notoriously under-assessed. The insurance companies benefit by you thinking the hail damage isn’t too bad therefore cashing the check for $2000 (when there is actually $6000 in damage) and using the money for something else.

BumperDoc will make sure your repairs are done right and on time.

I am thinking about buying a car with hail damage. Can you help me with this?

•Absolutely. BumperDoc will be happy to give you a free rough estimate and go through how hail is estimated to assist you in not getting taken advantage of. 

Are you locally owned? What if there is any warranty work later on?

•BumperDoc has been at the same location for nearly five years. We will not pull up our inflatable tent and be gone the next week. Our hail technician lives in Colorado Springs, so you can rest assured we will be here for any questions. On the rare occasion there is warranty work we will take care of you.

How long does hail repair usually take?

•Full body hail repair can usually be done within a week. 

If your vehicle has hail damage call us at 719-264-6266. BumperDoc will make sure your repairs are done right and on time!



Colorado Springs Auto Body Repair


Serving the Colorado Springs and the Front Range area since 2011, BumperDoc brings quality customer service, the finest paint materials with a lifetime warranty, and fully guaranteed workmanship to bring you peace of mind for all of your auto body repair needs.

Here at BumperDoc we understand the stress and pressure that can be brought on by a car accident no matter how large or small. As such we treat every customer with care and dignity. Arte and I were customers for BumperDoc San Diego when traveling to CA for a wedding. A small bumper repair that had to be fixed prior to driving all the way back to CO was all it took for us to become believers in the BumperDoc business model and led us to opening the first location outside of Southern California.

We understand how challenging it is to find a collision repair shop that does high quality work that fits in your schedule. Each Colorado Springs BumperDoc team member is dedicated to making each customer’s life a little easier during this stressful time. We understand the need to maintain continuity in your life so we take care of your vehicle repair and can work with all insurance companies to take care of claims process.

Colorado Springs Collision Repair Shop

Our goal at Colorado Springs Bumper Doc is be your one-stop shop for all your auto body repair and reconditioning needs while getting your vehicle back to you in the most efficient time possible. Our master technicians have extensive professional experience in auto body repair. Even if the accident damaged metal panels on your vehicle, we will be more than happy to repair them and even replace them if need be.

We work on the following types of collision repairs:

  • Front-end collisions
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Side swipes
  • Fenders
  • Quarter panel repairs and replacements
  • Roof repairs and replacements
  • Door repairs and replacements
  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Scuffs
  • Keyed panels


It's Your Right to Pick the Shop You Want

Working with Insurance Companies. It’s your right to pick the shop you want! 

Insurance companies want you to use their contracted shop. Many direct repair shops work on the insurance company’s behalf, not yours.  It is actually an illegal business practice for an insurance company to tell you that we have to use a certain shop or choose one from a list of shops. You, the vehicle owner, can choose any auto body repair shop you desire. To convince you to use one of their contracted shops they will toe the line as close to the law as possible by saying things such as; “We cannot warranty the job unless done at one of these shops…” “You may face delays by going elsewhere…” Don’t fall for insurance company scare tactics. A reputable shop will fully warranty their paint and fully guarantee workmanship.

At BumperDoc we feel it is most important that the customer feel comfortable with where they take their vehicle for repair. We are not under contact with any insurance companies because we want to be beholding to you, the customer, and not the insurance company who could force us into practices we feel are not in the customer’s best interest.

BumperDoc uses Sikkens Waterbourne paint. It is one of top rated auto paints on the market, is environmental friendly, and comes with a lifetime warranty. BumperDoc fully guarantees our workmanship. Do your homework, ask trusted friends for recommendations, check Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List reviews, and talk to the people at the shop. Make sure the shop you choose will represent your interests, not the Insurance Companies!

Plastic Bumper Repair 

vid1One Day Bumper Repairs

Plastic bumpers need not be replaced when accident damage happens! Instead, they can be saved with innovative auto repairing techniques. Our experienced technicians can repair most scuffed, scratched, dented, detached, and torn bumpers for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Many repairs can be accomplished same day.

  • Scuffed
  • Scratched
  • Dented
  • Detached

Here at BumperDoc our professional master technicians can repair any scuffed, scratched dented or detached plastic bumper for a significantly lower cost than replacing it all together.


Paintless Dent Repair / Removal  - Hail Damage Repair


The PDR method has been used by new and used automobile dealerships for years before the public was ever aware of the process. Auto body shops also use PDR to rapidly speed up repairs when suitable, therefore enabling the customer to obtain their vehicle in a shorter period of time.


Colorado Springs Bumper Repair Service


Plastic bumpers don’t always need to be replaced when damage occurs, instead they can be saved with innovative auto reconditioning techniques. Plastic Bumper Repair can repair most scuffed, scratched, dented, detached and torn bumpers for much less than replacement cost. Many repairs are completed in less than one day. We warranty all work and paint for as long as you own the car.

The average repair begins with reshaping and sanding down the damaged area. When deep scratches and/or gouges exist, polyurethane filler is added that is designed to remain flexible after the completion of the drying stages. Final sanding is then required in order to return the bumper to its original shape and integrity. When the preparation is complete, a coat of primer is applied before the initial color layer is sprayed. Next, the paint code is retrieved directly from your vehicle and used to obtain the perfect formula to match your vehicle’s color.

Then, a generous coat of paint is applied before the car is finally sealed with a clear coat application to protect the finish. The process is completed with a thorough polish to make your vehicle shine. BumperDoc guarantees color match and satisfaction backed by a lifetime warranty.


Colorado Springs Paintless Dent Repair - Hail Damage Removal Service

We use a process known as PDR (Paintless Dent Removal), which allows our highly trained team of technicians to repair minor door dings/dents, creases & hail damage on automobiles without paint. This is accomplished by using specialized tools to gently massage the metal from its underside until it returns to original showroom form.

Paint and bodywork contribute to the depreciation of your vehicle but we have the ability to repair minor damage without it! Improve your vehicles appearance and value while saving time and money. Since there is no painting involved in the execution of PDR, color matching problems are a thing of the past.
Insurance Companies also recognize the PDR process as "Insurance Friendly" and often recommend it before paint/bodywork is considered (Especially For Hail Damage). PDR is a proven method that high line auto dealers, rental co. and even some paint facilities use to repair minor damage. 

At BumperDoc Colorado Springs Paintless Dent our focus is customer satisfaction & convenience. Watch dents disappear as you wait, with repair times ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Servicing Colorado Springs and its surrounding counties.  

Paintless Dent Repair Process, What Is It?

PDR (Paintless Dent Repair / Removal) is a method used to eliminate door dings and minor dents from vehicles with special rods and reflective sources. A dent is carefully massaged from the adjacent side of the damaged panel, eventually leaving an unseen repair. This is all made without the use of fillers (such as bondo) or painting, retaining your vehicles original OEM paint finish. PDR jobs won't leave proof of any damage or repair.

PDR is environmentally friendly and Green and about a third of the cost of traditional auto body repair. The PDR method can be accomplished in a matter of minutes and not days. Since there is no painting involved using the PDR method, there is no color matching problems. Insurance firms also recognize the PDR method. The effectiveness and simplicity of removing minor dings, dents and hail damage without depreciating the worth of the vehicle with repainting and fillers makes PDR “insurance welcoming."


Colorado Springs Window Tinting and Service

Here at Colorado Springs BumperDoc we guarantee customer satisfaction and use only the highes quality window tinting materials from SunTek to ensure that the job is done right the first time guaranteeing you the best value for your money.

Window tint services are completed by our Colorado Springs BumperDoc skilled professionals. Having professional window tinting done allows visible light to enter the window while filtering out ultraviolet and infrared waves. Which protects your vehicle and its façade! Colorado Springs BumperDoc offers competitive prices with unmatched quality. You can choose from any shade of SunTek window tints that we offer. As long as you own the vehicle SunTek will give a lifetime warranty on any of the films and here at BumperDoc we fully guarantee the work done.

Stay Cooler

61% of the total solar energy will be precluded with any of the SunTek window tint film which keeps your vehicle at a lower temperature reducing the need to turn on the AC! Window tint also helps get rid of the annoying glare, blinding headlights at night, and bright spots on sunny days.

Interior Protection

99% of all ultraviolet rays are precluded with SunTek window tint. The shield protects premature leather, fabric, and vinyl fading or discoloration. Protect your investment with window tinting, today.

UVA & UVB Sun Protection

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there is a direct correlation between driving in an automobile and having an increased risk of left-side skin cancer. Luckily, SunTek window tint films reject 99% of all ultraviolet rays including UVA and UVB rays that cause cancer.

Enhanced Appearance

The SunTek window tint films that Colorado Springs BumperDoc use are built to last and have a lifetime warranty. The window tint come in a variety of colors, hues, and styles to compliment any exterior. And the darker you go the more privacy you will have.

Prices start at $75 Per Window

Rear Window starting at $120

* Multi-Window Tinting may be discounted depending on the vehicle.


28% Supreme 5 windows starting at $235
35% Carbon Film - 5 windows starting at $275 
(non-metallic so it won't interfere with electronics and lifetime no-fade guarantee)



No matter what vehicle you drive Colorado Springs BumperDoc will provide a quality window tinting services that will make your vehicle sleek, tasteful and eminently cool. It’s the investment that improves your driving experience, as well as, your vehicles overall value!   


Colorado Springs Auto Detailing Services

Package 1: Mini Detail (Starting at $95)

package1Get your car ready for another GREAT Colorado Springs Weekend with our Mini Detail Package. With just the right combination of Exterior and Interior Services, this detailing will get your ride looking incredible without putting a hole in your wallet and saving you time. The four services in this package are the most requested from a majority of our very satisfied customers. 

  • Hand Wash
  • Hand Wax
  • Vacuum / Shampoo Floor Mats
  • Clean Jams
  • Dress All Exterior Moldings / Trim
  • Tire Dressing


Package 2: Interior Detail (Starting at $85)

p2picIf your car needs that special attention on the Interior then this package is for you. This is the perfect package for after a day in the mountains or road trip. So get that mountain dirt out from between those leather seats before they can do damage. We even top off this detailing with Deodorizing and cleaning of the Headliner. 

**BumperDoc Colorado Springs is not equipped for Bio Hazard detailing services (i.e. Human or Animal waste, blood, throwup, etc.)**


Pricing for Interior Details:
Sedan $85 • SUV, CUV, Truck $95 • MiniVan & Large SUV $105


  • Shampoo / Condition Seats
  • Vacuum / Shampoo Carpet
  • Dash & Door Panel Treatment
  • Vinyl / Leather Treatment
  • Floor Mat Cleaning
  • Headliner Spot Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning


Package 3: Exterior Detail (Starting at $75)


It doesn’t rain much in Southern Colorado but Colorado Springs is one of the hardest environments on a vehicle’s Exterior due to our diverse climate and coastal geography. From road construction to bug season, getting your car’s exterior detailed helps to protect the investment in your car and also maintains the resale, trade in or lease return value.

Pricing for Exterior Details:
Sedan $75 • SUV, CUV, Truck $85 • MiniVan & Large SUV $100

  • Hand Wash
  • Degrease & Scrub Tires
  • Debug Front End of Vehicle
  • Clay Bar Application
  • High Speed Polish
  • Reduce Light Scratches
  • Hand Wax
  • Clean All Chrome
  • Dress All Exterior Moldings / Trim



Package 4: Complete Detail (Starting at $149)


For the most complete detailing service for your money, you want the Complete Detailing Package. It includes everything mentioned in the above Interior and Exterior Details all for one low package price. This package gives you the complete detailing package to get the interior and exterior of your vehicle in showroom condition.

**BumperDoc Colorado Springs is not equipped for Bio Hazard detailing services (i.e. Human or Animal waste, blood, throwup, etc.**)

Pricing for Complete Details:
Sedan $149 • SUV, CUV, Truck $159 • MiniVan & Large SUV $179

  • Hand Wash
  • Degrease & Scrub Tires
  • Debug Front End of Vehicle
  • Shampoo / Condition Seats
  • Vacuum / Shampoo Carpet & Floor Mats
  • Vinyl / Leather Treatment
  • Headliner Spot Cleaning
  • Dash & Door Panel Treatment
  • Clay Bar Application
  • High Speed Polish
  • Polish Light Scratches
  • Hand Wax
  • Weather Stripping On Jams Dressed
  • Clean All Chrome
  • Dress All Exterior Moldings / Trim
  • Window Cleaning
  • Deodorize


Package 5: The Ultimate (Starting at $329)


Paint Sealant Upgrades! 

The name says it all. This is THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE! Your package will include everything we offer in"The Complete Detail Package" (number 4) PLUS 1 Year of Paint Sealant. We not only want to get the ride looking GREAT, WE WANT TO KEEP IT LOOKING GREAT WITH OUR PAINT SEALANT!

**BumperDoc Colorado Springs is not equipped for Bio Hazard detailing services (i.e. Human or Animal waste, blood, throwup, etc.)**


  • Hand Wash
  • Degrease & Scrub Tires
  • Debug Front End of Vehicle
  • Shampoo / Condition Seats
  • Vacuum / Shampoo Carpet & Floor Mats
  • Vinyl / Leather Treatment
  • Headliner Cleaning
  • Dash & Door Panel Treatment
  • Clay Bar Application
  • High Speed Polish
  • Polish Light Scratches
  • Hand Wax
  • Weather Stripping on Jams Dressed
  • Clean All Chrome
  • Dress All Exterior Moldings / Trim
  • Window Cleaning
  • Deodorize

Protection Sealant
(High Speed Application)


Compact Cars: $325-$375
Full Size Cars / SUV: $375-$425
Large SUV / Suburban: $450-$600




Ala Carte Service Menu




  • Hand Wash & Vacuum:  Cars - $20, SUV/Mini Vans/Trucks - $30
  • Hand Wax - $35
  • Tire Dressing - $3.50
  • Interior Dressing - $7.50
  • Interior/Exterior Window Cleaning - $20
  • Wheel Polish - $20
  • Headlight Restoration - $35(per)
  • Wet Sand & Polish - $40(per panel)
  • Odor Bomb - $79.95
  • Clay Bar Application - $75
  • Engine Bay Detail - $75
  • Chrome Package - $80
  • Clean Wheel Wells/Wheel Liners (4) - $40
  • 3 Stage Buff and Cut - $50 per hour

Customized Appearance Solutions
Every car we service is different, just like our clients. A "One Size Fits All" package may not be what your car needs. BUMPERDOC offers consultation and a FULL ALA CARTE Service Menu to fit every car's appearance needs.

**BumperDoc Colorado Springs is not equipped for Bio Hazard detailing services (i.e. Human or Animal waste, blood, throwup, etc.)**






Colorado Springs Windshield Repair

Discover how BUMPERDOC can save you cash & time on windshield repair before total replacement is necessary. Our expert technicians can seal chips & cracks quickly, at an affordable cost, before they lengthen & require pricey replacement. BUMPERDOC's Windshield Repair is an innovative technique combining modern know-how & skill to fill a damaged area on a windshield with a special transparent resin.

Although cracks & damaged areas less than the size of a quarter can be treated quickly, it is advised to fix the damage before it gets worse. Once the windshield is damaged, contaminants start to enter the chip, causing the repair to become more difficult, or unfixable. In addition, your damaged glass may crack without any notice - on a hot day, a cold day, or if another object impacts it. Waiting can be an pricey bet. When your windshield or other glass on your vehicle is cracked past the point of chip repair, BUMPERDOC can replace the windshield as well.

This preventive expense is usually covered by insurance most policies. Ask your insurance company today and Bumper Doc will be happy to help you with the paperwork.

Why repair my windshield?

Save cash by avoiding pricey replacement Repairs only take a couple of minutes, replacements will take much longer. Be safe, maintain your original factory seal around your windshield. Avoid the chance of a improper installation.


Wheel & Rim Repair

Our alloy wheel restoration method delivers the cure you are searching for when it comes to repairing your wheel(s) from curb scrapes, scratches, chips and pit holes.

We understand how prone vehicles can be to scratches and chips on wheels with Colorado Springs’s small parking spaces. Our alloy wheel repair method delivers the cure you are looking for when it comes to repairing your vehicles wheel(s) from curb scratches, scrapes, chips & pit holes.

Time and again, wheels are damaged by potholes, curbs and auto accidents. Commonly, these damaged wheels are used for scrap metal and new wheels are bought and installed with significant expense. BumperDoc can repair your damaged wheel for a fraction of the cost, and get you back on the road promptly!

Wheel repair is an expedient service that can be done in less than a day. Discover how BumperDoc's high-quality wheel repair method can save you from the lofty cost of replacement.

BumperDoc can also repair bent and cracked rims usually for less cost than replacement. If your rim is beyond repair and has to be replaced, we can take care of you for this as well. Our experts can source the right rim for your vehicle from the Dealer or Aftermarket companies.


Colorado Springs Headlight Restoration

Are your headlamps discolored & appear to be deficient in the brightness they onetime projected? Before you replace those costly lamps, consider our headlight restoration service. Headlamps can develop yellowing & haze from atmospheric variables as they age. If your night vision has been compromised by frosty and delaminated lenses, you can radically boost the amount of light omitted by the bulbs by restoring the headlight cover lens.

OEM replacement lenses can cost as much as $1500 per headlight, not counting installation charges. BumperDoc can restore your headlights for a very small fraction of the cost of replacement! Come on in & discover how our expert technicians can get rid of years of damage by polishing your lenses with a sequence of detailing compounds. You won’t be disappoint when you view the difference!

BumperDoc also offers a Clear Coat solution with a three year warranty so your headlights will never fade again. Just ask about our Headlight Renew coating! 

Why did my headlight lenses get cloudy?

A majority of headlights are made of plastic. Exposure to nature elements, automobile washes and road debris leads to the lens getting cloudy and pitting.

Why restore my headlights?

Typically, 9 out of every 10 cars on the road today have dirty or yellowed headlights that reduce vision drastically and require replacement or professional cleaning.

Night vision can be reduced by as much as 90% by weathered headlights. Restored headlights will improve the look and value of your automobile making it simpler to trade in or sell your automobile.


Colorado Springs Paint Protection Film

What is Clear Bra?

8.0 mil thick plastic film that adheres to your painted surfaces of your vehicle. It provides you with an invisible protection from damage caused by rocks, minor scratches, road salt, insects, and other road debris in a self healing top-coat protection.

    • BumperDoc Colorado Springs uses SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film with a Ten-year Manufacturer's Warranty. SunTek Ultra is self healing, hydrophobic, and scratch resistant while providing incredible optical clarity.
  • Why Do You Need a Clear Bra in Colorado Springs?

    • We live in a mountainous, rural state.
    • Sand / de-icer mixture. Just after a snow have you ever followed a dirt truck and then shuddered as you hear the rocks hitting your car? These rocks are thrown at your car on a consistent basis in Colorado from other vehicles plus the strong winds.
    • 20% of new cars sold in Colorado are equipped with clear bras within 6 months of purchase. Don't let your vehicle be one of the ones with chips! PROTECT your INVESTMENT with Paint Protection Film!
    • BumperDoc professional, Colorado Springs, installers custom cut (not computer) allows us to wrap the material under the leading edge of your hood to maximize your protection and avoid chipping that can lead to rust.
  • Packages starting at just $299

    PIKES PEAK PACKAGE - Includes Hood / Fenders

    • 12" up................$299
    • 18" up................$399
    • 24" up................$499
    • Full (No lines on hood or fenders).....$1099

    ROCKY MOUNTAIN TRAIL PACKAGE - Includes Hood / Fenders, Bumper, Headlights and Mirrors (most Vehicles)

    • 12" up................$799
    • 18" up................$899
    • 24" up................$999

    ASPEN PACKAGE - Includes FULL Hood and FULL Fenders, Bumper, Headlights, Side Mirrors, and Door Edge Guard (most Vehicles)

    • .........................$1599


    • Top of rear bumper......6” top to bottom $149; 12” top to bottom $229
    • "A" Pillars.............................$65 ea
    • Rocker Panels: 6" high $399 set, 12" high $749 set, 18” high set $1149
    • Door Edge Guard................$20 ea
    • Door Cups..........................$20 ea
    • Mirrors...............................$59 ea
    • Headlights..........................$75 ea
    • Fog Lights..........................$30 ea
    • Roof Edge...........................$179
    • Qtr Panel Impact Zones.......$95 ea
    • Grille starting at..................$129
    • Front Bumpers starting at....$699


    Say "No" to Leather Bras!

    Leather bras are high maintenance and must be removed each time you want to wash your car during cold weather. Prolonged use of leather bras have also been known to dis-color your paint finish. Also, dirt can get underneath your bra and scratch the paint! Ouch!


    Say"No" to Bug Shields!

    Bug shields adversely affect the aerodynamics of your vehicle, which results in reduced fuel efficiency not to mention the increased wind noise and buffeting. They can also deflect rocks higher up on the hood, or even worse, onto your front windshield!


    Say No to Chipped Paint! Be Protected

    Come to BUMPERDOC’s state of the art auto reconditioning center to discover the new generation of paint protection products. Our vehicles suffer minor damage every day from rocks, insects, road debris and environmental elements.


    Lease Return & Trade Ins

    What are Lease Return Re-Charges?

    When you return your lease vehicle back to the lessee, it is you that is responsible for any damages the lease company deems as “excessive wear and tear”.

    Your car will be inspected when you return it by the lease company or dealership for any areas of damage deemed to be "excessive wear and tear". The cost of repairing any of this damage will be a recharge. The average vehicle owner is charged more than $1,800 when returning their vehicles – often for minor damage such as door dings, bumper scrapes, and minor interior damage. 

    Normal vs. Excessive Wear?

    Normal wear is the minor and reasonable wear a vehicle endures in everyday, ordinary operation. Normal wear can include a few small door dings, paint scratches, stone chips less than 2 inches in diameter.

    Excess wear includes occurrences beyond the normal or ordinary wear a vehicle endures. This includes wear caused by neglect, abuse, damage, poor maintenance, changing the vehicle’s appearance or using inferior parts and materials for repairs. Most damage over 2 inches in diameter fall into this category.

    Normal vs. Excessive Wear Table


    Dings - Dents - Chips - Scratches - Corrosion - Poor Repair
    Normal Wear
    - Individual occurrences of damage 2”or less in diameter
    - Individual occurrences of damage over 2”in diameter if they can be repaired for $100 or less
    - Scratches that can be buffed out during reconditioning
    Excessive Wear
    - Individual occurrences of body, bumpers and molding damage larger than 2”in diameter
    Exterior missing or broken parts (regardless of cost)
    - Visible sand/grinding marks, rough texture, excessive overspray or bad color match larger than 2”in diameter
    - All damage that reduces re-marketability or impairs vehicle appearance
    Wheels / Rims
    Normal Wear
    Scuffs or minor nicks to wheels or wheel covers
    Excessive Wear
    Broken, cracked, bent or mismatched wheels or wheel covers
    Normal Wear
    - Any damage 1/2” or less in diameter
    Excessive Wear
    - Any damage greater than 1/2” in diameter or any hole
    Lights - Turn Signals - Lamps
    Normal Wear
    - Cracks 2” or less in length
    Excessive Wear
    - Any damage greater than 1/2” in diameter or any hole
    Burn Holes
    Normal Wear
    - Burn holes 1/8” or less in diameter
    Excessive Wear
    - Burn holes greater than 1/8” in diameter
    Cuts - Tears - Singed Areas
    Normal Wear
    - Cuts, tears and singed areas 1/2” or less in diameter
    Excessive Wear
    - Cuts, tears and singed areas greater than 1/2” in diameter
    Normal Wear
    - Any removable stain
    Excessive Wear
    - Stains that cannot be removed and that require replacement of upholstery or carpeting
    Entire Vehicle
    All Of The Following Are Considered "Excessive"
    ** Non-operational or malfunctioning equipment
    ** Substandard or incomplete repair
    ** Any replacement part that does not meet manufacturer’s specifications
    ** Vehicle system failures that result from not adhering to manufacturer’s maintenance requirements
    ** Any missing equipment (includes keyless entry remote) or broken parts
    ** Any replacement part that does not meet manufacturer’s specifications of equal quality and design
    ** Any modification ,including, but not limited to, suspension modifications, changing vehicle color or non-factory paint schemes, lettering or graphics, holes in frame, post-delivery customizing, engine adaptations, fuel system adaptations, tinted or engraved glass
    BUMPERDOC wants to make sure you save money when returning YOUR lease. We have even developed a BUMPERDOC LEASE RETURN KIT that you can print out and use our damage size templates.
    < Download Kit >
    To be sure you are not surprised by any lease return re-charges, we always recommend you bring your lease in for our
    15 minutes of your time can save up to thousands of your hard earned money!
    Call 1-866-DR-BUMPER (866-372-8673)


    How Can Bumper Doc Save You Money on Your Lease Return?

    Let BUMPER DOC give you a FREE End-Of-Lease Inspection! Our professional team will examine your vehicle for damage that you will likely be charged for when your lease expires. BUMPER DOC’s full-service auto reconditioning center can help you keep some of this money in your pocket. When you are charged for damage to your leased vehicle, the price is usually defined by a dealership’s auto body repair center or a major collision center – and these facilities will often simply replace damaged parts instead of repairing them.

    Scroll Through Our Damage Examples Below


    No Problem
    Small dimples, less than two inches across should not be a problem as they are considered normal wear and tear. However, be careful as you are still limited to three dings per body panel, with a maximum of six dings per side. Anymore they that would be considered "excessive".
    lease ding_issue Recharge Issue
    Dings greater than 2 inches across are considered dents. More than three dings per panel or six dings per side is also considered "excessive"wear. Scratches, chips or dents will almost always follow the 2 inch rule. You need to measure correctly to avoid any re-charges.
    lease dent_ok No Problem
    Small "Dents" must be less than 2 inches across and qualify as a "Ding". However, be careful as you are still limited to three dings per body panel, with a maximum of six dings per side.
    Anymore they that would be considered"excessive" and you would be charged.
    lease dent_issue Recharge Issue
    All dents greater than 2 inches across are not allowed and you will definitely occur charges.Scratches, chips or dents will almost always follow the 2 inch rule.
    You need to measure correctly to avoid any re-charges.
    lease chip_ok No Problem
    Chip usually come from road debris or the wheels of other vehicles spraying dirt or small stones. Some minor chips are okay. If you are not sure your vehicle has minor chips damage or something more,your safest option is to bring it to a lease return specialist like BUMPERDOC.
    lease chip_issue Recharge Issue
    An excessive amount of chips almost immediately noticeable to the naked eye could be considered for repair. If a chip is larger then 2 inches in diameter, it could be considered missing paint. The cost of repair would be the responsibility of the leaser.
    lease scr_ok No Problem
    A surface scratch that can easily be buffed out. Some "scratches" may not even be scratches at all. You find these when a painted car bumper or wooden post, or the rubber bumper on a shopping cart, rubs up against the body. Instead of scratching the car, it deposits material on the paint surface
    lease scr_issue Recharge Issue
    Visible sand/grinding marks, rough texture, excessive overspray or bad color match larger than 2”in diameter would also incur re-charges. Long, deep scratches such as those sustained from a key would also incur a re-charge. Bring your car to a lease return specialist like BUMPERDOC.
    lease bumper_ok No Problem
    Scuffed bumpers are considered normal wear. It's almost impossible not to scuff your bumpers at some point. Parking spots are getting smaller and smaller.As long as the damage is less then 2 inches in diameter you will most likely not be charged.
    Recharge Issue
    Individual occurrences of bumpers and or molding damage larger than 2”in diameter will incur a re-charge. Our expert technicians know how to repair your bumper instead of replacing it like the dealership would. This saves you money when returning your lease.
    No Problem
    Minor nicks and scratches are OK. As long as the wheel is not bent, broken, or is structurally damaged from abuse, you will have no problem.Along with wheels, lease contract have very strict guidelines for tire wear.
    Recharge Issue
    If your wheels are gouged from hitting the curb,
    bent or broken, you will incur a re-charge. Ouraluminum and alloy wheel restoration processdelivers the solution you are looking for when it comes to repairing your rims from curb scrapes, scratches, chips and pit holes.
    No Problem
    Any damage 1/2” or less in diameter to a windshield will probably not be a problem but you should repair them quickly. Damaged glass may crack without any notice – one day, or one year, after the initial impact. Waiting can be an expensive gamble.
    Recharge Issue
    Any damage greater than 1/2” in diameter or any hole will incur a re-charge at the time of return.BUMPERDOC can save you money on windshield repair before total replacement is necessary. Our skilled technicians are able to seal chips and cracks quickly before they lengthen.
    No Problem
    Burn holes 1/8” or less in diameter are considered normal wear as with cuts, tears and singed areas 1/2” or less in diameter. Stains are also considered normal wear as long they can be removed with solvents and not be replacing the damaged area. None of these should incur any re-charge.
    Recharge Issue
    Any burn holes greater than 1/8” in diameter is considered "excessive wear". Cuts, tears and singed areas greater than 1/2” in diameter are "excessive wear". Stains that cannot be removed and that require replacement of upholstery or carpeting will also be re-charged.
    BUMPERDOC wants to make sure you save money when returning YOUR lease. We have even developed a BUMPERDOC LEASE RETURN KIT that you can print out and use our damage size templates.
    < Download Kit >
    To be sure you are not surprised by any lease return re-charges, we always recommend you bring your lease in for our
    15 minutes of your time can save up to thousands of your hard earned money!
    Call 1-866-DR-BUMPER (866-372-8673)



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